Join the BC Running Mileage Tracker!  It's Fun!!

This is pretty cool!  Track your personal mileage with your BC Running friends throughout the year.  
It is amazing to see how far you can go, and cool to see the distances everyone within the group is   
running.  To make it even more fun, we have set up this virtual trip across the country, from our home on

 the Treasure Coast, to the Golden Gate Bridge with awesome stops along the way in New Orleans,
Albuquerque, and Las Vegas.  The best part is that tracking is automatic.  The system connects in
the background to Garmin Connect or RunKeeper.  When you run with your Garmin or RunKeeper.
Your mileage and distance along the route are updated instantly without additional work by you.  

Heads Up: Most BC Running services are free, however, for this one we were 
able to negotiate a reduced base cost of $10 to support the service provider.

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