Purchase BC Running Member Shares

There is never an obligation to purchase membership to participate in BC Running activities.   
However, should you desire to purchase BC Running Member Shares, you become subject to the
terms and conditions of the BC Running Shareholder Agreement .  The Shareholder Agreement is 
governed by the BC Running Board of Directors, the BOD (am I the only one who sees the humor
in that?!), as defined in the BC Running Charter.

Read The BC Running Charter

You can order BC Member Shares today,  but issuance is subject to submission of your  
signed copy of the Shareholder Agreement, within 30 days of your order, and subject to 
review and acceptance by the BC Running Board of Directors within 30 days after that. 
Although the Shareholder Agreement would lead you to believe otherwise, we are not Attorneys;  
  We are runners. Our intentions are for the fair and equitable good of the running community.  If you 
find a discrepancy or issue with the Agreement, please bring it to the attention of a BC Officer  
and we will review a course of action.  If at any time during that 60-day issuance window it becomes    
clear the transaction will not proceed, your order will be cancelled and payment promptly refunded. 
Please download, read, sign and return a copy of the Shareholder Agreement at the link below.  

   Sign Your Shareholder Agreement

All qualified BCers are entitled to purchase up to two (2) shares, in half-share increments, for each
year of involvement with the organization retroactive for three (3) years.  In other words, if you were a 
BCer in 2010, you are entitled, but not obligated, to purchase up to eight (8) shares of BC Running
Member Shares.  Two shares each for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.  



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