How To Purchase BC Running Member Shares

There is a lot going on at the BC.  Mostly, we are just running.  What we do, we do for 
the joy and comeraderie that running provides.  However, we also think the

time we spend organizing community activities and training, often at personal
sacrifice, should not be given away entirely for free.  We believe our business model is the
correct one for amature and volunteer community atheletes and maximizes our ability to
serve the community philathropically.  It is open to all and designed to provide incentive to
bring the various  organizations in the running community together under a cohesive umbrella.
BC Running believes you should have the opportunit to build equity in the community you are
building.  Learn more in the BC Running Charter document. 

There is never an obligation to purchase membership to participate in BC Running activities. 
However, should you desire to purchase BC Running Member Shares, you become subject to the
terms and conditions of the BC Running Shareholder Agreement .  To ensure fairness for all athletes,
any qualified BCer is entitled to purchase up to two (2) shares, in half-share increments, for each 
year of involvement with the organization retroactive for three (3) years.  In other words, if you 
were a BCer in 2010, you are entitled, but not obligated, to purchase up to eight (8) shares of BC 

Running common stock; Two shares each for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 .

Purchase BC Member Shares



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